Upper Hunter Working Equitation is a WEDU Affiliated Working Equitation Club based in the Upper Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia.

Based at the RDA Grounds in Muswellbrook and our members spring from as far and wide as Broke, Wybong, Scone and beyond.

Our club harbours a passion for horses in general and the sport of Working Equitation in particular.  We’ve a broad spectrum of riders, with riding skills and capabilities ranging from very, very green to DEB W Competition level riders.  We gather as often as we can, at this stage hosting one training/event day a month.  We engage in the sport of Working Equitation, working together as a team, bouncing off each other to hone our working equitation, horsemanship, jump and dressage skills.

At this stage we compete individually as and where we each find the time and come together for our clinics and training days (and social fun days!).  Stay tuned on our facebook feed for updates or check our Events Schedule!

Welcoming new members, we encourage you to come along to one of our clinics, training or fun day meets, join us for lunch and see what we’re all about. We also hold a General Meeting on the last Thursday of every month in Denman, where we discuss all aspects of the club.  All members and pondering members-to-be are always welcome.

Our ethic as a club is to offer a safe, caring environment for all rider levels and every breed of horse, including all types of preferred tack & attire. It is our sincere aim to encourage the ongoing harmonious development of both horse and rider.  We are particular about treating our horses and our humans humanely in every way and take great pride in the level of care and friendship we afford all our members; two and four legged!

In summary, we are a group of keen, fun loving working equitation enthusiasts who care for each other, our horses and are here ultimately for the enjoyment of the sport and to support each other!

If you’d like to learn more or join us, please do Contact Us Here!