Jan 2018 UHWEC Training Day

It was great to see such a good turnout for our very first Club Training Day for 2018, with 12 of our 20 members in attendance.  A very warm welcome to our newest (and youngest!) members!

p1050747-1-e1519954908573.jpgWe cannot give enough thanks to both the Upper Hunter and the Denman Men’s Sheds who have slaved away on our behalf for literally months, building our fabulous Working Equitation Course Obstacles.  We have two spanking new bridges and a lovely white,  wood slat gate.  These obstacles far exceeded our expectations; the craftsmanship is superb and attention to detail and required specifications, simply phenomenal.  We highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for any equipment you may need made to order!

View Gallery Here…

P1050635 (1)It was an absolute treat to be training on real obstacles as a team!  Splitting into two teams of six, half of us trotted into the Obstacle Training Paddock to hone our Working Equitation skills, while the other half dozen hit the large, sheltered arena with well known, enthusiastic and eccentric trainer, Marcia Williamson, for a grueling 90 minute dressage training session.

We found Marcia of great benefit to the club, easily integrating all riders as a group whilst still focusing on each rider’s individual needs and adapting the application of her training methods and advice to each rider’s skill level, physical capabilities and current riding/training needs.

Skills specifically targeted in this session were trotting and cantering posture, strengthening legs and core, canter transitions and jump training for both horse and rider.

It was an exhausting, at times challenging, but definitely most satisfying and more importantly, fun day for all!  After watering and cooling both ourselves and our horses, we topped off the day with our usual delightful banquet of home made goodies, as ever in surplus to our eating capabilities; a much needed and well earned respite after the efforts of the day!

We look forward to our next meet in March!

As always, new members are most welcome.  Our next club meeting in March will be held on the last Thursday of the month at the Denman Pub.  See you there!

Happy Riding!


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