Welcome, WEDU

As all of our members are aware UHWEC commenced our maiden year as a club under the guidance and tuition of ANWE (Australian National Working Equitation) and it’s trainers/supporters with a handful of our members competing (and most successfully!) at every level from Introductory to Debutante W.  It has been a fun-filled, at times stressful, but mostly satisfying and fun year for all involved!

As those invloved with Working Equitation are aware, every club must renew it’s affiliation yearly and the vote was put to our members as to our club’s Working Equitation Affiliation selection for the 2018-2019 period at our AGM in July.  It was decided that the club will make the shift from ANWE for the coming year and give the ‘new kid on the block’ a roll!  We are tucking our wings under the newly founded umbrella of Working Equitation Down Under (WEDU) and look forward to seeing what fabulous delights they deliver, with our sights ferociously set on a fruitful year to come!

We would like to thank ANWE for their support in launching our little club into the industry and we welcome aboard our new overseer for 2018 – WEDU.  May the coming year of riding be a fun and fulfilling partnership for all involved!

Happy Riding!


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