Members please note our very exciting – and very first!!! – 3 Phase Closed Club Comp will be held on Sunday 28 July 2019, commencing at 8:00am and hosted at our usual grounds, the Muswellbrook RDA, Sandy Creek Road, Muswellbrook, 2333.

The enthusiasm for this event has been wonderful. Please note this is a MEMBERS ONLY COMPETITION **. There are currently limited places still available, so get in and Renew / Register that Membership, book in to the comp on Trybooking and come along and enjoy the day!

Don’t forget our AGM is up shortly too, on TUESDAY, JULY 23 (not Thursday for this one) at the Denman Bowling Club at 6.30pm. Come along and have a meal, have a listen and become a part of the future of this great little club. All positions are re-opened, so if you’d like to have a crack – you are most welcome, encouraged and any and all assistance offered to our little club is most appreciated. You don’t need skills, just a willing heart and a great attitude! We can teach you the rest!

Meanwhile, happy riding and see you all at the comp!

** Please note, all closed competition entrants must have current UHWE Membership and hold a current WEDU levy number (click here to acquire).




Greetings members and onlookers all! What a fantastic year it has been for our little club. Our training days, clinics and fun days have been a great success with even our most tentative and newest riders expanding their skillset and confidence – and many of our ladies, experienced and beginners, bringing home competition ribbons from both WEDU and ANWE comps alike – including at Nationals with both affiliations! Fantastic!! We’ve become a very competitive little club and slowly but surely we’ve managed, through sheer determination and commitment, to muster up a fulsome set of our own obstacles and now at the pinnacle of the year – hosting our own closed comp – how fabulous!

We look with bright eyes and determined hearts to another exciting and hopefully even more fulsome year ahead!

Our upcoming AGM will be held on TUESDAY, JULY 23 (not Thursday for this one) at the Denman Bowling Club at 6.30pm. We would love all members and even prospective members to come along and be a part of it!

Memberships are now open on Trybooking for renewal / registration.

Remember its our members that are the heart of the club and keep it alive; we need each and every one of you – as much as we all need each other other – to keep our good times rolling! Without every one of you, and everyone taking part in some small way, we couldn’t have become what we are today.

So come along and have a meal, have a listen and be a part of the future of this great little club. All positions are re-opened, so if you’d like to have a crack – you are most welcome, encouraged and any and all assistance offered to our little club is most appreciated. You don’t need skills, just a willing heart and a great attitude! We can teach you the rest!

See you all there!



How delighted we were on Sunday to be granted the most perfect weather for our final horse riding meet for 2018 – the Upper Hunter Working Equitation Christmas Bash! And Oh! What a Bash it was!!

Come dressed up or come as you are – all made an effort to make the day as fun and fabulous as possible with horses and riders both donned in everything from Tinsel and Baubles sewn on caps, saddles and saddle cloths, to Deer Horns and Santa Caps and Santa Socks on furry forelegs!

Anita 9 (2)
ANITA – Best Dressed Horse & Rider Combo

Our very spectacular Secretary ran the day with great success, doing all the legwork (as always!) and guiding our girls as we mastered the Working Equitation Obstacle Course set up by all who attended under the newly finished, now fully covered (and very schmick, we must say!) Muswellbrook RDA Riding Arena.

Many thanks to the RDA once again for the use of their grounds and our heartfelt thanks to Jude for giving up her own ride to make ours happen! We would be lost without both of them!

We would also like to extend a very big thank-you to Mr Phillip Haggarty of Parkville, who volunteered his time, skills and donated the materials to mount our Working Equitation bull, which we blooded in a big way on our last gig for the year! (Not Literally!!) Such a big, ‘spooky’ obstacle, a challenge to all and very well handled by both horses and riders.

Champagne Race Anita Cindy Lesley Kelly 1 (2)
Ladies of UHWEC 2018 Champaigne Race!

Our Christmas Champagne Obstacle Course was a laugh and a half as all ladies exercised (some for the first time!!) their yet to be fully mastered (for some), one handed riding skills, making their way from one end of the arena to the other, horse in one hand, glass in the other as quickly as possible, without spilling a drop!  (Plastic glasses – and water for champaigne – but still loads of fun and lots and lots of laughter as Tilley did a series of donut burnouts in the middle of the arena (having never ridden one-handed), followed by a wild gallop to the finish line with, needless to say – a then empty glass.  Round two saw Robyn cross the finish line first, riding like the pro that she is, with barely a drop spilled, only to have her girl shudder and shake off the flies – and empty her glass at the critical moment of truth!

Robyn 9 (2)

It was a photo finish (serious business – our girls are a highly competitive bunch!!) with Kel winning both her heat and the final by a nose – actually a drop – to take out the much coveted prize of… a Cattle Ranch, erm – empty plastic cup!

Best dressed rider, best dressed horse and best dressed combo was voted for over a smorgasboard style lunch.  Congrats to a very shocked Sandra who won best dressed rider, Anita with best dressed horse & rider combo and Cindy with best dressed horse!

 A massive spread of assorted platters and the popping of non-alcoholic sparkling fizz ensued, with prizes (lovely diffusers and scented candle!) given to our category winners as lunch was ravished by a very famished hoard of exhausted, but very satisfied ladies!   

A great day was had by all who were able to attend and those who couldn’t – we missed you ladies! 

View Gallery Here…

Our little club has gone ahead in leaps and bounds this year and we aim to continue this trend well into the future, all of us setting our sites forward to the coming year with great enthusiasm and anticipation for a productive and enjoyable year to come! 

Our final club meeting for the year will be held this Thursday at the Denman Bowling Club at 6.30 pm, where we will set our riding day dates for 2019 and iron out anything we each feel needs attending.  See you all there! 

Meanwhile, we wish you all and each other a very Happy Christmas and may the coming year be a fun and fruitful one full of fab times and new friendships! 

Happy Riding!!! 


Dotty2 (2)

Welcome, WEDU

As all of our members are aware UHWEC commenced our maiden year as a club under the guidance and tuition of ANWE (Australian National Working Equitation) and it’s trainers/supporters with a handful of our members competing (and most successfully!) at every level from Introductory to Debutante W.  It has been a fun-filled, at times stressful, but mostly satisfying and fun year for all involved!

As those invloved with Working Equitation are aware, every club must renew it’s affiliation yearly and the vote was put to our members as to our club’s Working Equitation Affiliation selection for the 2018-2019 period at our AGM in July.  It was decided that the club will make the shift from ANWE for the coming year and give the ‘new kid on the block’ a roll!  We are tucking our wings under the newly founded umbrella of Working Equitation Down Under (WEDU) and look forward to seeing what fabulous delights they deliver, with our sights ferociously set on a fruitful year to come!

We would like to thank ANWE for their support in launching our little club into the industry and we welcome aboard our new overseer for 2018 – WEDU.  May the coming year of riding be a fun and fulfilling partnership for all involved!

Happy Riding!


Thanks Be To The Men’s Shed!!

“…’Twas ne’er loving that emptied the heart; Nor giving that emptied the purse…”

A very old quote, yet ever still relevant today!  It is so lovely to see small community organisations supporting each other and never was it more evident than when our President, Natasha Kelaher and Vice President, Kerry Balmer-Smith put out the call for a helping hand to build us some obstacles for the UHWEC Working Equitation obstacle course!

Our cozy little club would like to give a very hearty (though somewhat belated!!) thankyou and cyber-hug to both the Upper Hunter and Denman Men’s Sheds, without whom we would not be able to be holding the great training days that we have to date!

Bridge & Gate
With thanks to the Upper Hunter Men’s Shed, diligently crafting our Gate & matching Bridge!

These undaunted souls worked tirelessly and heartily for many months to very detailed specs and requirements to build us two brilliant bridges and one superb gate for our Working Equitation ‘Ease Of Handling’ and ‘Speed’ courses!

These items are beautifully crafted, safe for our horses and look just fabulous!

Bridge by Denman Men's Shed
With thanks to the Denman Men’s Shed for our beautiful wooden Bridge!

We are well on our way now to having a complete course of obstacles (just need our website guru to get off her computer and onto a jigsaw to finish our bull!).  With just a few obstacles to go we are inching ever forwards (albeit it slowly!) to being able to hold our own club comp!

Meanwhile our ongoing club Event Days; Training days and Clinics; are chugging away nicely, with ever-increasing membership numbers and at least one club event being held per month!

Have a browse through our Galleries to see what we’ve all been up to and check out our Club Event Calendar to see what goodies we’ve got coming up.  To enter an event or join our club, jump onto TryBooking and use the forms on our Membership page.

Any probs or queries, you can contact Judy Anshaw, our club Secretary, here.

Remember, the best way to train is simply to put yourself and your horse out there and have a go!  The Nominate website constantly features an up to date and comprehensive list of upcoming WE Competitions held by fellow Working Equitation Clubs across Australia, so get your entry in and have a crack!

Warning.  This sport is highly addictive.  May contain irresistible equine eye-candy.