Arena Etiquette


(Extract from EA Dressage Rules)
As we have more and more members using the arena it is important that all riders have
knowledge of the etiquette required in group riding. This ensures safe riding and achieves harmony.
•  Safety is paramount and a collision should be avoided at all times.
•  Before entering the arena make sure the gateway and immediate track are clear.
•  Riders should pass left shoulder to left shoulder when on the track
•  When not on the outside track, e.g. on the diagonal line, riders should give way to horses on their left.
•  The more progressive gait has priority on the track.
•  Halt should not be on the track.
•  Walk should not be on the track and does not have right of way.
•  Trot has priority over walk.
•  Canter has priority over trot.
•  Lateral work has priority over all paces.
•  When circling, anticipate your return to the track so as to not stop the flow of
   other riders.
•  Mounting, dismounting and gear adjustment should be done off the track.
•  Consideration should be given to behaviour of other horses in the arena that may
   upset your horse.
•  It may be necessary if your horse is upsetting others to leave the arena.
•  If a horse is upsetting the majority, said horse may be requested to leave the
   arena for safety’s sake.
•  Manure is to be removed from the arena.
•  Do not get too close to the horse in front, maintain at least a horse length
    between horses.
•  When passing, always pass on the inside.
•  If you are unsure, vocalise your intentions.